(continued from FARTS Insider email) 
Remain focused and confident on your journey, knowing that you have control no matter what.  Of what?  Your mindset!  See, by taking possession of your mind... only entertaining and focusing on the thoughts that are beneficial to you... telling yourself a story about life's happenings, your life can improve.

You've done a wonderful job at being you and that should be celebrated.  Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses as we Find A Reason To Smile.  Try not to be so caught up in life and remember to focus on the the wonderful happenings.

Remember that there are no bad days, only challenging days.  While we don't look for challenges, we don't back down from them.  A lesson from how a lobster grows illustrates how uncomfortable situations could be opportunities for growth.  In these moments, look for an opportunity area and be open to change.  It may just be for the better.

Telling yourself a good story is also uplifting during moments of sadness or grief.  This is especially helpful during the fall and winter (holiday season) when we remember our loved ones that we can no longer see or contact.  Use the amazing moments you've shared to express gratitude and appreciation for the time together.  It will shift your energy towards the positive and you can turn that pain into praise.

Believe in yourself and that you have power... the power of your own mind.  Entertain good thoughts that align with your purpose or with what you desire in life.  Taking possession of your own mind is a key to success according to Napoleon Hill.

Continue to elevate your mood by expressing gratitude and Find A Reason To Smile.  Take good care of yourself!