On the cool, I got some weird looks & heard a lot of hesitation over the phone when I first told family and friends that "my purpose is to spread FARTS". Yep, that's exactly how I said it before going into detail.  But you know what?  They all smiled at the end (you can hear smiles over the phone too)! 😁

Initially, I was going to start a YouTube channel so I made a t-shirt for the videos. Well, YouTube is still on the todo list and we have a lot more than t-shirts including FARTS hoodies, joggers, socks, keychains, wristbands, and lanyards. Whatever to promote the brand that's big on care, kindness, and gratitude.

Ok, let's go back... using a Cricut, vinyl, and my laptop I made a t-shirt that had "FARTS" on the front.  I wore it and maaan I wasn't ready! People were reacting; I mean heads turning, pointing, smiling, even engaging in conversation.  It was so cool!  Then they start asking where could they get one. This and an interest in designing and producing clothes took over.  I had made enough shirts to wear every day until my cousins snatched a bunch.  That meant something though. 😊

I started posting on Instagram and TikTok in April 2022 and launched the online store the following month.  You know, I once heard someone say that your gift is hidden in the thing that you don't want to do.  That's the mystery. I share this because I wouldn't have thought it would feel natural posting online.  I'm cool with being reserved, not saying too much, playing the background.  You could say that I'm kind of an introvert. 🤷 The idea of showing my face and talking had a lot of weird thoughts associated with it.  One day, I stopped overthinking it and just pressed record and started talking... the feeling was indescribable!  It felt natural, as if this is what I'm supposed to do.  Like a flow of joy and fulfilment! 💨

So here we are... still posting, still mailing FARTS across the US, and listening to your feedback and ideas.  I want to share my knowledge gained through experience and what's helped me have a better life so it may help you too.

FARTS Find A Reason To Smile has had a local presence at vendor events in El Paso, TX since August 2022.  Your interactions; talking about FARTS, liking, commenting on, and sharing social media posts means so much to us as a new business and it helps us grow. 

Remember FARTS in the challenging moments and Find A Reason To Smile.
Read "Why FARTS?", how the concept of FARTS came about.

Take good care,