Hey what's good!?

My name is Rashard and some call me Julio.  Let me tell you about the concept FARTS Find A Reason To Smile™.  



The idea came to life in early 2020.  By this point I was down... I couldn't shake what I was going through and was in a really dark place. I knew that I couldn't stay there but I didn't know how to get out of this funk that I found myself in.



Don't get me wrong, this wasn't my first rodeo. I had been in tough times before where things weren't "right" and fell into a horrible thought pattern. This time was different.  This was just the time that I really went within myself for the answers.  I parked, stopped thinking about all the issues or problems, cooled out, and directed my attention on the good in my life (the gift of life was enough).  Past experiences, people, memories... I became grateful for all of it!  I realized that my life was really good even though I had a lot to figure out.  Who knows what's good or bad?

Simply put, I found a way to express gratitude during one of the toughest moments and that shifted my energy almost immediately.  I realized that I found a reason to smile and what happened afterwards.  Oh if I had an acronym... wait... F-A-R... 🤯 Ayoooo!  It was a divine moment!  By the way, I really do enjoy farts.  Always have thought they're funny and I always will.  My purpose and my passion is to spread FARTS.



Long to the short, I know how life can life and it doesn't always feel good.  I am honored to share with you this concept, this idea but mainly practice that has helped me and could help you stay in a good place mentally as well.  Sometimes, you really do have to go within and Find A Reason To Smile.

We offer FARTS apparel and accessories as reminders, and a way to spread FARTS.  It started with a couple of FARTS t-shirts.  The reaction was indescribable and people wanted to buy it.  Let's just say... FARTS started bubbling. 

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Take good care,