We've found that doing this helps to improve your mental state.  You can't control everything that happens but you also don't have to let what happens control you.

This can be achieved in many ways.  Follow these tips to stay uplifted, motivated, encouraged, and inspired.

Go to your safe space. 

  • The car
  • Out in nature
  • Your favorite room

Calm Yourself and stop thinking about the issues.  Just be present.

Now focus on what makes you happy.

  • A special moment
  • A past memory
  • Wonderful people
  • An accomplishment

You have something to smile about.  Go within and express gratitude.


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FARTS Find A Reason To Smile™ is a gratitude lifestyle more than a brand.  A practical way to elevate your mood by expressing gratitude.  No matter how challenging life gets, we all have a reason to smile... it's within you!

Rashard Mr. FARTS