FARTS Joggers - Brown

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Self love begins with who? YOU friend! 😊

Elevate your mood by expressing gratitude with a pair of brown FARTS.  Be someone's reason to smile while you maintain a positive mindset.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Best Self-care: It's your reminder when life be life'ing, to keep on smiling and being thankful.
  • Quality: If we will not wear it then we will not sell it.  You will love the comfort and longevity of this t-shirt.
  • The Smiles: You know that feeling when you've made someone's day better?  Experience that with these sweatpants while you go through your day-to-day.

The world needs more smiles.  Elevate your mood and let the fun begin.

  • Draw string
  • Slim tapered leg
  • Side pockets and back pocket


FARTS Find A Reason To Smile® offers products and services designed to encourage you to find joy every day by expressing gratitude.  Life be life'ing but you still have a reason to smile, it's within you!  Mental health awareness brand.